Section 106 Success Stories

The ACHP compiled a series of sucess stories begining in 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. 


Earth Day 2021: Resiliency Efforts to Protect Historic Properties

by Hannah Wetter, Rutgers University Geography and Visual Arts Major

Today is Earth Day, a time designated to show support for environmental protection. One of the most pressing issues affecting the Earth today is the climate crisis and its consequences, including frequent flooding. Increased flooding impacts both natural and historical sites. Let’s find out how those caring for some significant historic sites that experience flooding have found creative solutions to combat climate change.

VA Section 106 Success Stories

In the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA), Congress established a comprehensive program to preserve the historical and cultural foundations of the nation as a living part of community life. It was passed in response to widespread citizen concern that federally planned or assisted projects—like the construction of the interstate highway system and urban renewal—were destroying irreplaceable pieces of our shared heritage.

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