Section 106 Program Alternatives


The Section 106 review process can be tailored to specific situations using a variety of Program Alternatives. Join our ACHP staff to learn more about the Program Alternatives defined in the Section 106 implementing regulations (36 CFR Part 800) and explore the goals and benefits of current nationwide examples.

Implementing Section 106 Program Comments


One of the program alternatives available to tailor the Section 106 review process of federal undertakings is a Program Comment. Join ACHP staff to learn more about what a Program Comment is, explore the process for development and ACHP approval, and practice applying an existing Program Comment to a real-world Section 106 review of a federal undertaking.

So you think you need a PA…


A Programmatic Agreement (PA) can be a powerful tool for agencies and consulting parties to agree to tailor the Section 106 review process for federal property management and statewide assistance programs. Join ACHP staff to learn more about PAs, explore how they are developed and implemented, and practice evaluating the pros and cons of a proposed PA in real-world scenarios.

Coordinating CERCLA and Section 106


In this webinar, the ACHP will introduce our Frequently Asked Questions on this topic and help participants to identify opportunities to effectively coordinate CERCLA and Section 106 requirements, demonstrate the benefits of Section 106 integration in successful CERCLA hazard remediation, and practice selecting a Section 106 compliance approach in real-world CERCLA situations. Participants that are new to CERCLA, should consider reviewing the EPA’s resources at, especially This Is Superfund: A Community Guide to EPA's Superfund Program - EPA 540-R-11-021, prior to the webinar. Participants that are new to Section 106, should consider reviewing the ACHP’s free, 15-minute eLearning course, What is Section 106?, and/or the publication, A Citizen’s Guide to Section 106, as a prerequisite to the webinar.

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All webinars are taught LIVE! by ACHP staff instructors with practical experience in Section 106 review and in developing program improvements.

Handouts for future reference

The webinars include handouts for future reference, but do not include a copy of the slide deck or access to a post-presentation recording. Participants are encouraged to take notes, answer polls, provide feedback in chat, and ask questions (chat or voice) during the webinar.

Participant experience levels

"Beginner" webinars assume participants have very little knowledge of the Section 106 review process, terms of art, or implementation in real-world scenarios.

"Intermediate" webinars assume participants have some real-world knowledge of the Section 106 review process and its terms of art and have participated in Section 106 reviews of federal undertakings.

"Advanced" webinars assume participants have real-world knowledge of the Section 106 review process in complex and/or controversial cases and are prepared to identify and evaluate best practices and strategic solutions in such cases.

Certificate of completion

Within one week of the webinar, each participant will receive a certificate of completion by email, suitable for submittal to your supervisor and/or accreditation organization.

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60-minute interactive webinars on timely Section 106 topics presented by experienced ACHP staff