The ACHP invites you to view videos and photographs of ACHP activities including interviews with members, tours of historic sites, award presentations, and more.

The following videos are on the ACHP YouTube channel:

Kevin Cherry, NC SHPO  Kevin Cherry, deputy secretary, North Carolina Department of Natural
  and Cultural Resources, on his favorite historic place.
  May 24, 2019


Shasta Gaughen, ACHP member  Shasta Gaughen, ACHP member, on her most meaningful historic place.
  May 22, 2019


Sixth and I Jewish American Heritage Month  Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue
  in Washington, DC.
  May 20, 2019


Jay Vogt, South Dakota SHPO  Jay Vogt, South Dakota State Historic Preservation Officer on his favorite and
  most meaningful historic places.
  May 19, 2019


Julie Langan, VA SHPO  Julie Langan, Virginia State Historic Preservation Officer, on her favorite historic place.
  May 6, 2019


Tuskegee University  Learning about the historic buildings of Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL
  with university archivist Dana Chandler.
  May 3, 2019


Edmund Pettus Bridge  ACHP Expert Member Robert Stanton at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL
  kicking off 2019 National Historic Preservation Month.
  May 1, 2019







Videos and Photographs of ACHP Activities