The policy statement, last updated in 2007, offers guidance in how to properly plan for and consider burial sites, human remains, and funerary objects in federal decision making. This update is being pursued, among other reasons, to:

(1) more specifically speak to issues of concern to Indian Tribes, Native Hawaiians, and the African American community;

(2) recognize the expertise of Indigenous Peoples in identifying and considering their burial sites, human remains, and funerary objects; 

(3) include consideration of impacts from climate change;

(4) recognize the right of descendants to request repatriation consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP); and,

(5) to update and improve language to account for the increased diversity of perspectives that participate in the field of historic preservation. 

The updated final draft will be available on this webpage soon. The ACHP expects to send consultation requests to Indian Tribe and Native Hawaiian leaders in December 2022 as part of our ongoing collaboration. Please submit any comments or questions to 




ACHP Policy Statement Regarding Treatment of Burial Sites, Human Remains, and Funerary Items 2007 is the current policy statement that ACHP-ONAA is proposing to update.  

Comments received per policy principle - This document includes a summary of comments received specific to each policy principle and includes updated versions of policy principles drafted in response to comments received.

Themed summary of feedback and timeline of actions taken - A summary of comments received grouped by major themes. This document also includes a summary of agency actions taken by the ACHP to solicit input.

Burial Sites Policy Updates PPT - Presentation provided to ACHP's Native American Affairs committee in October 2022

ACHP presentation September 7, 2022, on the proposed updates to the Policy Statement Regarding Treatment of Burial Sites, Human Remains, and Funerary Objects.



Treatment of Burial Sites