National Volunteer Month: Colorado Students Leading the Way to Preserve and Interpret Japanese American Internment Camp

A volunteer effort in Colorado has brought into focus the plight of Japanese Americans during World War II. Granada High School principal John Hopper was a social studies teacher in 1993 when he and his students embarked on a mission to preserve and interpret the remains of the Granada Relocation Center, better known as Amache. The National Historic Landmark is the most intact of the 10 camps for the incarceration of Japanese Americans. More than 7,000 Japanese, mostly American citizens, were imprisoned there from 1942 to 1945.

World Heritage Day 2018: Preparing Youth For Careers in Historic Preservation

World Heritage Day, the International Day for Monuments and Sites, is being celebrated today--April 18. This year’s theme is Heritage for Generations to encourage intergenerational transfer of knowledge and celebrate youth leadership in cultural heritage.

Additionally, April is National Volunteer Month and the ACHP is honoring those who volunteer their time for historic preservation.

Executive Order No. 13007: Indian Sacred Sites

This order moves to accommodate access to and ceremonial use of Indian sacred sites by Indian religious practitioners, and avoid affecting the physical integrity of those sites in any adverse way.

Youth Professionals in Preservation

The participation of young people in the historic preservation is a key component in protecting and maintaining the unique heritage of each region. There are many groups of young professional organizations across the country who advocate for preservation in their communities and offer networking opportunities.

Careers in Preservation

In addition to the positions that may be open at the ACHP, there are many other ways to break into the field of historic preservation.

Service Learning & Volunteerism

People of all ages can take part in the historic preservation process, including through Preserve America, Preserve America Youth Summits, Passport in Time, and more. Refer to the sections below for a description of each program.

National Park Service Announces New Grant Program

The National Park Service has announced a new grant program aimed at preserving sites of importance to the African American struggle for civil rights in the 20th century. The grants are being funded by the Historic Preservation Fund, and $7.75 million is available. Potential projects include survey and documentation, interpretation and education, oral histories, brick and mortar preservation, and more.

The ACHP Celebrates International Youth Day

In honor of International Youth Day, the ACHP is highlighting a Preserve America community with a unique claim to youth history: Seward, Alaska. In 1927, as the territory of Alaska considered statehood, territorial governor George Parks and the Alaska American Legion organized a contest to design a territorial flag, believing having such an emblem may help Alaska become a state. The contest was open to all Alaskan children from the 7th to 12th grades, and the ultimate winner, an Aleutian boy named Benny Benson, hailed from the Jesse Lee Home in Seward.

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