VA Section 106 Agreement Document Database

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Section 106 Agreement Database is a collection of VA-related Memoranda of Agreements (MOA) and Programmatic Agreements (PA) from across the country, dating from 1974 to present. This database provides users with a way to find previously executed VA agreements that may serve as reference for current projects requiring a MOA or PA.

BLM’s National Programmatic Agreement

BLM and ACHP representatives signing the nPA
BLM and ACHP representatives signing the nPA

The Bureau of Land Management historic preservation program took an important step forward on Feb. 9, 2012, when a major revision to the national Programmatic Agreement (nPA) was signed at the business meeting of the ACHP.

Program Alternatives

The Section 106 regulations offer program alternatives through which agencies can tailor the Section 106 review process for a group of undertakings or an entire program that may affect historic properties. 
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