The Office of Federal Agency Programs (OFAP) administers the NHPA Section 106 review process, and works with federal agencies to improve how they incorporate historic preservation values into their programs. OFAP provides technical assistance, training, and guidance for Section 106 users to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the review process.

This office’s core responsibilities include:

  • managing the ACHP’s participation in Section 106 consultation
  • providing guidance, advice, and technical assistance to federal agencies and other participants in the Section 106 process
  • overseeing the Section 106 training program to develop training tailored to specific programs or issues

Section 106

Section 106 requires federal agencies to identify and assess the effects of their undertakings on properties listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, and offers the public and stakeholders an opportunity to influence federal decisions affecting historic properties. The federal agency implementing the project or providing assistance, licenses, permits, or approvals for a proposed project must consult with stakeholders and consider their views and concerns about historic preservation issues when making final project decisions.

For more information on Section 106, visit Protecting Historic Properties.

Section 3 Reporting

The issuance of Executive Order 13287 (EO 13287) encourages federal agencies to manage their historic properties as valuable assets that can support agency missions and stimulate local economic development. Secion 3 reports esablishes an accountability system to gauage agency implementation of the of the mandates of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the EO.

Learn more about Section 3, view reports to the ACHP's reports to the president as well as individual agency reports.

Federal Agency Partnerships

The ACHP has developed partnerships with various federal agencies in order to enhance and streamline the preservation process. The Office of Federal Agency Programs has liaisons who work with the partner agencies.  

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