Department of the Army Program Comment for Inter-War Era Historic Housing, Associated Buildings and Structures, and Landscape Features (1919–1940)

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation has issued a program comment for the U.S. Department of the Army that sets forth the way in which the Army complies with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act for its inventory of Inter-War Era historic housing management actions, including: maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, renovation, abatement, mothballing, demolition, replacement construction, new construction, lease and conveyance.

Program Comments

36 CFR § 800.14(e)  

This program alternative allows a federal agency to request the ACHP comment on a category of undertakings in lieu of commenting on a case-by-case basis. The ACHP may also provide comments on its own initiative. Program comments are especially advantageous to agencies that may have repetitive management actions for a large inventory of similar historic properties or for agencies that have programs that generate a large number of similar undertakings.

GSA Section 106 Digital Archive

GSA's Digital Archive is an online repository of executed program alternatives under 36 CFR 800.14 sent to the ACHP by GSA.  

GSA Section 106 Agreements

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Section 106 Agreements page is a digital archive or repository of agreement documents arranged pertaining to their respective GSA region. Each agreement document is arranged in its own page along with any amendments to the agreement and may contain documents produced as part of the agreement's stipulations.

GSA Liaison Partnership Duties

Consultation Assistance

The ACHP officially participates in various GSA consultations and also provides GSA with technical assistance when appropriate. GSA cases in which ACHP is officially participating can be found here.  Section 106 agreements GSA filed with the ACHP are available by request; please contact ACHP's Office of Federal Agency Programs to contact ACHP's GSA Liaison (202-517-0200).  

Guidance Issuance

Program Comment Questions and Answers

Answers to questions about the program comment process are based on the requirements found in the ACHP’s regulations, past experience in approving program comments, and recommendations developed based on this experience.
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