List of Preservation Officers

With passage of the National Historic Preservation Act in 1966, Congress made the Federal Government a full partner and a leader in historic preservation. The Federal Government's role would be to provide leadership for preservation, and foster conditions under which modern society and prehistoric and historic resources can exist in productive harmony.

Improving Tribal Consultation and Tribal Involvement in Federal Infrastructure Decisions January 2017

On September 23, 2016, the Department of the Interior, Department of Justice, and the Department of the Army issued a joint letter to Tribal Leaders committing to a broad review and consultation with Tribes on how Federal decision making on infrastructure and related projects can better allow for timely and meaningful Tribal input. This Report, Improving Tribal Consultation and Tribal Involvement in Federal Infrastructure Decisions, is the product of this government-to-government consultation and comments received from fifty-nine Tribes (and eight organizations representing Tribal interests) in October and November 2016. It reflects the start of a continuing nation-to-nation consultation that is needed to ensure that infrastructure projects are sited in a manner that lives up to the United States’ obligations to Tribes.

Executive Order No. 13007: Indian Sacred Sites

This order moves to accommodate access to and ceremonial use of Indian sacred sites by Indian religious practitioners, and avoid affecting the physical integrity of those sites in any adverse way.
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