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The ACHP continued its Historic Preservation Month video series with an interview with Ramon Jackson, South Carolina African American Heritage Coordinator, and Jannie Harriot, Chairperson of the South Carolina African American Heritage Commission. They spoke with ACHP Chairman Aimee Jorjani about the state's efforts to preserve African American history in the state and to bring awareness to the role African Americans played in South Carolina's history.

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation recently released the findings of a task force charged with formulating recommendations to improve the availability of digital and geospatial information about historic properties in an effort to inform federal project planning. ACHP member Jordan Tannenbaum, also chairman of the task force, spoke with ACHP Office of Federal Agency Programs Senior Program Analyst Blythe Semmer about the recommendations and the next steps, as we continue our Historic Preservation Month video series.

The ACHP continued its Historic Preservation Month video series with an interview with Jonathan Beck of the Alexander Company. He talks about his career in historic preservation and the interesting projects on which he has worked.

Lynne Richmond interviews Jon Beck
Click Image to go to video.


May is National Historic Preservation Month. During these uncertain times, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation seeks to share with you meaningful, interesting, and fun information to truly celebrate historic preservation in our nation.

Historic sites connect us to the past, and provide us with a sense of continuity and grounding. They are also reminders of the contributions preservation makes to economic recovery and job growth.

By Mark Wolfe, Texas State Historic Preservation Officer; President, National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers

Just over a year ago, the Texas Historical Commission experienced one of the most heartbreaking events in our organization’s history. On April 13, 2019, an F3 tornado struck the community of Alto, in Cherokee County in east Texas. Ground Zero for the storm was our own Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, where members of the Caddo Nation and other celebrants had gathered for the site’s biggest annual event, Caddo Culture Days. Dozens of people were injured, some severely. One person was killed. And the visitor center was destroyed along with a recently-completed Caddo grass house.