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The ACHP is recruiting an Assistant Historic Preservation Technician (GG-10/11) to coordinate documentation and correspondence to support the ACHP's work in the historic preservation review process required by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

This position serves a critical administrative role in the Office of Federal Agency Programs in Washington, DC. The duties include receiving and reviewing Section 106 correspondence and routing it for review; assembling case data and generating reports; managing outgoing correspondence and documents; managing electronic records in accordance with government protocols; and providing other administrative support.

The ACHP is now recruiting for three permitting-related positions. These are full-time, temporary positions, with an initial 13-month term subject to further extension based on continuing funding. They are all remote work eligible.

Today, the New York Times published ACHP Chair Sara Bronin’s letter responding to a column by Binyamin Appelbaum which suggested that New York must choose between preserving its historic buildings and affordable housing. Bronin wrote that historic buildings need not be a barrier to affordable housing. In fact, rehabilitating and reusing historic buildings for housing can be a key part of addressing housing shortages.

“The Advisory Council stands ready to work with cities like New York to implement, test and refine progressive preservation strategies that allow more people to live in and benefit from the inspiring places that connect us to our past,” Bronin said.

ACHP members adopted three major policy statements in 2023. These policies tackle some of the most pressing issues facing not only the cultural resources management community but our nation as a whole.

We invite you to join ACHP Chair Sara C. Bronin and key staff for a series of Policy Chats in February to learn more and participate in the discussion. The informative and interactive sessions will take place virtually as follows:

Monday, February 5, 12 p.m. ET, ACHP Climate Change and Historic Preservation Policy Chat  

Apply Now -- Cultural Heritage in the Forest Student Application. The application period closes February 16, 2024.