The ACHP’s Office of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples (OTIP) staff supports the ACHP in a number of ways, from policy development and project review, training and education, and guidance development to providing information papers about various topics concerning Indian Tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations. Information papers are different than guidance documents and discuss issues that may inform participants in the Section 106 process.

  • Improving Tribal Consultation in Infrastructure Projects The ACHP offers this report in response and recognition that a great many of the issues raised during the Department of Interior, Department of Justice, and the Army meetings in 2016 concerning Indian Tribes’ input in federal infrastructure decisions are about or related to the Section 106 process.
  • Information Paper on Cultural Landscapes This paper addresses the topic of identifying and considering the role of indigenous places and landscapes in Section 106, as well as in non-Section 106 contexts.
    • UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Background On December 16, 2010, at the second White House Tribal Nations Conference, President Obama announced the United States’ support for the Declaration. The State Department also released a document to accompany President Obama’s announcement that provides a more detailed statement about US support and ongoing work in Indian Country.