Heritage Tourism

Each year, millions of travelers visit America’s historic places. The National Trust for Historic Preservation defines heritage tourism as “traveling to experience the places, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.”  A high percentage of domestic and international travelers participate in cultural and/or heritage activities while traveling, and those that do stay longer, spend more, and travel more often.

ACHP Policy Statement on Historic Preservation and Community Revitalization (2016)

Communities facing population decline face unique challenges and can benefit from integrating historic preservation principles in holistic community revitalization strategies. The policy acknowledges that consideration of alternatives to avoid or minimize harm to historic properties is essential when planning community revitalization.

Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs

The Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs (OPLA) develops preservation policy recommendations, analyzes legislation proposed at the federal/state/local levels and Executive Branch policy initiatives, and participates in ACHP programs and research related to major national preservation issues.
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