36 CFR § 800.14(a)

Alternate procedures are a program alternative that allows federal agencies to streamline the Section 106 process by tailoring the process to the agency’s programs and decision-making process. Procedures, approved by the ACHP and adopted by the agency, substitute in whole or in part for the ACHP’s Section 106 regulations under Subpart B. The ACHP allows for flexible application of alternate procedures which can either be counterpart regulations of an agency or can include agency procedures that do not have to go through a formal rulemaking process.

For a smaller agency whose missions are limited in scope or deal with limited historic resources, alternate procedures can result in both time and cost savings. Larger, multiple-mission agencies can develop alternate procedures that allow different organizational elements to tailor their approach to Section 106 to best meet their individual needs. Many larger federal agencies have developed agency-wide policies to address their individual historic preservation needs, such as land management and permit issuance. These policies can be incorporated into alternate procedures to provide a more holistic approach to an agency’s preservation program.

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Army Alternate Procedures