Rabbit Hash is a hamlet on the Ohio River that has been described as frozen in time. Consisting of a handful of historic properties, most of the community was purchased in 2002 by the Rabbit Hash Historical Society and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

No one is sure of the derivation of the town's unique name, but many believe it came into use after a flood drove hundreds of rabbits from the riverbank—to become dinner for settlers.

The Rabbit Hash General Store was built circa 1831 and is the best known and best preserved country store in Kentucky. Visitors can learn more about the community at the Rabbit Hash Museum.

Rabbit Hash is an unincorporated community, but the Historical Society held a mayoral "election" in 1998 to raise funds to help restore an historic church. Votes cost a dollar, and the "election" resulted in thousands of dollars for the rehabilitation project and the choice of a dog as the community's unofficial mayor.

The annual Rabbit Hash Old Timers Day, Boone County's largest single-day heritage event, draws up to 2,500 people to partake in music, food, and contests ranging from frog jumping to the rolling pin fling.

Designated a Preserve America Community in August 2004.

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