Maysville (population 8,993), located on the Ohio River, was originally known as the "Northern Gateway to Kentucky."

Its historic buildings reflect its importance as a center for trade, education, and culture during the 19th century. The nearby community of Washington, which was annexed by Maysville in 1990, still features a number of log houses that date from its founding in the late-18th century.

Many buildings in Old Washington are open to the public, and local fourth graders participate in Log Cabin Learning, a half-day, hands-on learning experience about frontier history.

Maysville was an important stop on the Underground Railroad, and this facet of the community's history, along with its frontier history, are important focuses for heritage tourism.

As part of the commercial revitalization of the historic downtown, the city is working to save the 1930s Russell Theater, and proceeds from the annual Rosemary Clooney Music Festival (Clooney was a Maysville native) go toward restoration of the building.

Designated a Preserve America Community in April 2004.

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