Anchorage (population 2,264) is located near Louisville and was founded in the 1840s. In 1914, the city council commissioned the Olmsted Brothers Firm of Brookline, Massachusetts, to help guide the community’s growth. The plan resulted in a community with distinct park-like features such as stone bridges, curved narrow roads, and triangle intersections. 

In partnership with Evergreen Real Estate LLC and the Downtown Planning Committee, the City of Anchorage is working to implement a master plan and design guidelines for the Anchorage Town Center and adjoining commercial properties to ensure that proposed redevelopment will maintain the community’s unique historic buildings and plan.  

The Anchorage Archives were founded in 1982 and are funded and maintained by the Civic Club. The City of Anchorage provides a location for the archives on the second floor of City Hall. The Archives include City of Anchorage minutes from 1878, Anchorage Public School minutes since 1911, school yearbooks, maps, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings. The Archives also include an extensive oral history collection. 

The Anchorage Historic Preservation Ordinance and Commission were established in 1992 after concerns around new construction damaging the historic resources in Anchorage. The ordinance requires a Certificate of Appropriateness for alterations to historic structures within the Anchorage Historic Preservation District. 

Designated a Preserve America Community in April 2004.

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