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ACHP members met virtually December 10 for their fall business meeting. Chairman Aimee Jorjani welcomed new ACHP expert and general public members to their first meeting including Vice Chairman Rick Gonzales, Luke Nichter, Kristopher King, John Finley, and John Frey. Members discussed several topics focusing on outleasing of federal historic properties where there was discussion on strategies for helping federal agencies reduce their footprint while making sure preservation remains in the forefront. They also discussed the upcoming 2021 report to the President which summarizes how federal agencies are using their historic properties. Additionally, there was discussion on how the ACHP guides agencies on using program alternatives for working through the Section 106 process.


ACHP will present a FREE series of LIVE Section 106 webinars in January 2021. Each one-hour webinar includes opportunities for participants to interact with the content, instructors, and others in the Zoomgov meeting (a FedRamp compliant application). Each webinar assumes that participants have some knowledge of the Section 106 review process, implementing regulations, and terms of art. If you participated in the ACHP's May 2020 Webinar Series or have completed our Section 106 Essentials classroom course, you are ready for the Winter 2021 Webinar Series:


The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation will have its fall business meeting on December 10. Due to the current public health emergency, the members will convene via Zoom. The limited agenda includes the following items:

1.      Leveraging Federal Historic Buildings Working Group  

2.      Section 3 Report to the President 2021

Preservation Perspectives podcast - Interview with C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa Graduate Assistant, Cristina Rose


by Glenn Vaulx, fall 2020 ACHP Intern, Howard University Graduate Student, Architecture


The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS) campus in Brentwood, California, is providing a unique housing solution for homeless veterans during the coronavirus pandemic, a project that benefited from the ACHP’s blanket extension for use of expedited Section 106 reviews related to the emergency.

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requires federal agencies that carry out, license, or assist projects that may affect historic properties to take into account such effects and provide the ACHP a reasonable opportunity to comment.