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It's Native American Heritage Month, a month in which we celebrate the history and contributions of indigenous people to the U.S. The ACHP works with the Native American community on historic preservation issues and works closely with Tribal Historic Preservation Officers. In this episode of the ACHP podcast, Preservation Perspectives, host, Expert Member Luke Nichter, speaks with Sheila Bird, host of the podcast, THPO Talk.

Members of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation met October 26, 2022, for their fall business meeting. Topics they addressed included discussion of the challenges in building a historic preservation workforce and the efforts the ACHP is taking to address the issues; ACHP involvement in the White House Council on Native American Affairs; and updates to a policy statement on burial sites, human remains, and funerary objects; as well as a recently signed Memorandum of Agreement on Native Languages.


WASHINGTON, DC — The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) voted yesterday to approve an exemption that releases any federal agency from the Section 106 requirement to consider the effects on historic properties of their undertakings involving the installation and placement of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), provided certain conditions are met.


ACHP Acting Chairman Jordan Tannenbaum, Acting Executive Director Reid Nelson, and Communications Director Susan Glimcher met with officials from Burghauptmannschaft Austria this week in Washington, DC to share information about historic preservation policies in the U.S. and Austria.

On Wednesday, Nelson and Glimcher spoke with Markus Wimmer, Deputy head of staff of the Burghauptmannschaft and Christian Gepp, communications head, about Austria's efforts to maintain its historic buildings. Burghauptmannschaft Austria, a federal agency, manages 60 historic sites in Austria, encompassing 440 buildings, including Imperial Palace Vienna. They talked about many other issues, including encouraging public buy-in for preservation.


The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation will host its next business meeting on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, from 1:30 p.m.– 4:30 p.m. EDT. Due to continuing COVID-related precautions, the meeting will take place using Zoom conferencing. Due to technical limitations, only ACHP members and staff will be able to watch live. However, a recording of the meeting will be posted on the ACHP website and the ACHP YouTube Channel when the proceedings conclude.