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President Donald J. Trump has announced his intent to nominate Aimee Jorjani as the first full-time chairman of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP). See the White House announcement here:
The National Park Service issued its FY 2017 annual report on the federal historic tax incentives program. Commonly known as the Historic Tax Credit, the program provides a 20 percent federal tax credit for rehabilitation of historic buildings for business or income-producing uses. According to the report, FY 2017 saw more than $5.8 billion in private investment in historic preservation and community revitalization due to the Historic Tax Credit and the creation of almost 107,000 jobs.    
An essay by Robert Stanton, Expert Member of the Advisory Council on History Preservation and former Director of the National Park Service. African American History Month has special meaning to me. As a son of the segregated South, I was 23 years of age before I was permitted to walk through the front door of a small cafe where my mother worked as a short-order cook, and I was bused 30 miles round trip each day for high school under the doctrine of “separate but equal.” Growing up, I could never imagine the opportunities I had in my lifetime that were made possible from the sacrifices and struggles of those who came before me. One of these giants to whom I am and shall remain grateful is Mr. Frederick Douglass.
The ACHP today sent the fifth triennial report on the status of federal historic property to President Trump in accordance with E.O. 13287 “Preserve America.” The report offers findings and recommendations for agencies, states, tribes, and local organizations to protect and preserve historic property. Click here to read the report.
A partnership among federal and state agencies and an energy company to rehabilitate and save historic airport hangars as part of an energy regulating station has received the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation’s (ACHP) Chairman’s Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation.