On May 30, the Hawaii Star-Advertiser published a column in which Chair Sara Bronin explains why she believes Native Hawaiian Organizations should be exempt from certain federal review requirements.

Bronin writes, “Issuing a Section 106 exemption for projects like these would not only reduce barriers for NHOs; it would also recognize officially the vital role Indigenous Knowledge plays in preserving important Native Hawaiian cultural sites.”

The proposed Exemption would exempt from Section 106 review certain restoration, rehabilitation, preservation, and reconstruction activities proposed, directed, authorized, or supported by Native Hawaiian organizations. The Advisory Council is currently soliciting input on this proposal. More information on the proposal is available here.

Read the full op-ed.

The ACHP is hosting three meetings in June to consult with NHOs and get feedback from the public:

For Native Hawaiian Organizations: June 14 & 27 at 10 a.m. HST

For general members of the public: June 12 at 10 a.m. HST

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