ACHP members met virtually December 10 for their fall business meeting. Chairman Aimee Jorjani welcomed new ACHP expert and general public members to their first meeting including Vice Chairman Rick Gonzales, Luke Nichter, Kristopher King, John Finley, and John Frey. Members discussed several topics focusing on outleasing of federal historic properties where there was discussion on strategies for helping federal agencies reduce their footprint while making sure preservation remains in the forefront. They also discussed the upcoming 2021 report to the President which summarizes how federal agencies are using their historic properties. Additionally, there was discussion on how the ACHP guides agencies on using program alternatives for working through the Section 106 process.

Members approved a resolution commending Executive Director John Fowler on his long career in federal service. He is set to retire January 2. The recruiting process for that position is underway. Chairman Jorjani also announced Dr. Nichter as the new chairman of the Communications, Education, and Outreach Committee. 

The meeting was recorded and is available below.

Photo of Zoom Meeting
Click on the photo to view the video of the Business Meeting.