Consultation with Native Hawaiian Organizations in the Section 106 Review Process: A Handbook

The ACHP offers this as a reference for Native Hawaiian organizations, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) staff, and federal agency staff with responsibility for compliance with Section 106. In 2008, the ACHP adopted the ACHP Policy Statement on the ACHP’s Interaction with Native Hawaiian Organizations. The policy is intended to set “forth actions the ACHP will take to oversee the implementation of its responsibilities under the NHPA with respect to the role afforded to Native Hawaiian organizations in the NHPA.”

ACHP Policy Statement on the ACHP's Interaction with Native Hawaiian Organizations (2008)

Under the National Historic Preservation Act, Native Hawaiian organizations are afforded the opportunity to participate in the national historic preservation program. This policy sets forth principles that guide ACHP interaction with Native Hawaiian organizations as it carries out its responsibilities under the NHPA. It also provides guidance to the ACHP and its staff and serves as the foundation for ACHP policies and procedures affecting Native Hawaiian issues.

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