Information automatically collected at our site

When a visitor browses through the pages of our site, we automatically gather the following general information: the browser and domain (for example, ".gov" or ".com") that the visitor's computer uses to access the Internet; the time and duration that our site was accessed; and which pages and how many were visited at our site.

This information is gathered through "session" cookies. We cannot relate any of this information back to a specific user, and the cookie is erased from visitors' systems when they close their browsers.

This general information helps us make our site more useful to visitors by learning about the amount and type of visitor traffic to our site and which pages are the most popular.

Information submitted by visitors to us

If a visitor registers online for the ACHP course or corresponds with us by e-mail, we will use the information he or she includes only for the purposes provided, and such information will not be used after its purpose has been fulfilled.

For questions on our Web site privacy policy, please visit the Contact Us page.