The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) will have its next quarterly meeting on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, starting at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time in conference Room 337 at the National Building Museum at 401 F Street, NW, Suite 308, Washington, DC 20001. Due to technical limitations, only ACHP members and staff will be able to attend in person. However, the meeting will be live streamed through Facebook and a recording of the proceedings will be posted on the ACHP's YouTube channel at a later date.

For further information, contact Tanya DeVonish, 202-517-0205,

The agenda for the upcoming meeting of the ACHP is the following:

I.   Chairman’s Welcome

 A.   Introduction and Priorities

 B.   Governance Issues including Bylaws, Experts, and Committees

II.  Executive Director’s Report

III. Legislative Priorities (action needed)

IV.  Climate Change and Historic Preservation Task Force (possible action needed)

V.   Native American Affairs

 A.   Updating ACHP Policy Statement on Burials, Human Remains, and Funerary Objects (action needed)

 B.   Policy Statement on Indigenous Knowledge and Historic Preservation

 C.   Other Reports

VI.  Section 106

 A.   Army Program Comment on Vietnam War Era Historic Housing, Associated Buildings and Structures, and Landscape Features

 B.   Nationwide Programmatic Agreements

 C.   Preserve America Executive Order 13287 Section 3 report planning

 D.   Other Reports

VII. Communications, Education, and Outreach

 A.   Historically Black Colleges and Universities outreach

 B.   Other Reports

VIII.     Historic Preservation Policy and Programs

Other Report

IX.  Workforce Development
X.   Introducing 21st Century Leaders Fellow
XI.  New Business
XII. Adjourn