The ACHP offers a voluntary Electronic Section 106 Documentation Submittal System (e106) for use by any federal agency (or officially delegated non-federal entity) when:

  • notifying the ACHP of a finding of adverse effect,
  • inviting the ACHP to be a consulting party to resolve adverse effects, or
  • proposing to develop a Programmatic Agreement for complex or multiple undertakings.

The system can also be used to do the following:

  • supply additional documentation for a case already entered into the ACHP record system or
  • file an executed MOA or PA with the ACHP in accordance with 800.6(b)(iv) (where the ACHP did not participate in consultation).

Federal agencies are strongly encouraged to submit Section 106 documentation for these purposes using e106, as it expedites a critical step in Section 106 review and encourages complete and accurate submissions. To get started, review the instructions and download the form using the links below.

e106 form instructions

e106 form - Microsoft Word format

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