When drafting an agreement, the agency should first review the boilerplate administrative clauses in the Template MOA. Those clauses can usually be used as-is, since they form the backbone of good agreements.

Second, in the GAD appendices that are listed as individual links below, ACHP staff provides example stipulations for specific situations. The stipulation examples are divided into categories based on the goal of the written provision. Each category and major subcategory begins with a brief discussion and a series of suggested questions to address in consultation. These examples are intended to be a starting point; you will need to customize them to the unique circumstances and participants in an individual Section 106 review. The first lesson of agreement writing is that the best agreements record consultation precisely and create an unambiguous plan for implementing treatment measures.

The example stipulation categories cover the most common kinds of measures used to avoid, minimize, and resolve adverse effects to historic properties. Please check back often as these categories will be continuously updated and expanded to address new and emerging issues as they arise.

We also encourage you to provide examples of stipulations that have worked well and suggestions for new stipulations that you see a need for. Please send any suggestions or comments via email to: GADhelp@achp.gov.

Happy drafting!