The Federal Government has a unique relationship with Indian Tribes derived from the Constitution of the United States, treaties, Supreme Court doctrine, and Federal statutes. It is deeply rooted in American history, dating back to the earliest contact in which colonial governments addressed Indian Tribes as sovereign nations. The ACHP, as a federal agency, recognizes the government-to-government relationship between the United States and federally recognized Indian Tribes and acknowledges Indian Tribes as sovereign nations with inherent powers of self-governance. This relationship has been defined and clarified over time in legislation, Executive Orders, Presidential directives, and by the Supreme Court.


The ACHP has designated its Chairman as the Official responsible for Government-to-Government consultation. In order to advance and enter Government-to-Government consultation please contact Ira L. Matt, Director of the Office of Native American Affairs. 

Agency Official responsible for ACHP’s government-to-government consultation:  
Sara Bronin 
Chairman, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 

Agency Point of Contact for Tribal officials seeking government-to-government consultation: 
Ira L. Matt 
Director, Office of Native American Affairs



The ACHP Recognizes the Government-to-Government Relationship