About the ACHP

The ACHP is an independent federal agency established by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. It has legal responsibility to ensure that historic preservation needs are balanced with federal project requirements. The mechanism used to achieve this balance is known as the Section 106 review process. It applies when two conditions are met: there is a federal or federally assisted project or other action and that action could affect a historic property.

The Section 106 review process guarantees that state, tribal, and local governments, private citizens, and organizations will have meaningful involvement in federal project planning and decision making when the proposed action may affect historic properties in their jurisdiction or area of interest. The ACHP is mandated to establish procedures for this process, ensure that appropriate standards are consistently applied and followed, provide program oversight, and help resolve disputes that may arise in specific historic preservation situations.

We are committed to providing you with first-class service. When you conduct business with us, we will treat you with courtesy and respect.

Section 106 Reviews

Section 106 project reviews will be completed within the time allotted by regulation if not sooner. Upon inquiry, we will provide information on project status, estimated time needed to complete review, or any associated problems. We will clearly explain project review decisions, so you can understand why and how they were made and what to do if you disagree. To facilitate better communication, the name of the employee responsible for your project, along with his or her telephone number, will appear on every letter.

Publications and Education

We will continue to produce publications that are clearly written and address our customers' specific informational needs. We will fill requests for individual copies of ACHP publications or training information within three working days. We will regularly update our publications to reflect changing laws and regulations, and all publications will carry their date of publication. At present, we cannot meet all training demand. We will develop a plan that will facilitate the widest possible geographic and special interest distribution.

Telephone Standards

Our telephone system is designed to connect you with the person you called or, if they are unavailable, his or her voice mail. Telephones will be answered by a person unless all lines are busy. If all lines are busy, you will receive clear instructions for leaving a message. Under unusual circumstances, it may be impossible to answer each incoming call. Your phone call is important to us and will be returned within one working day of its receipt, if possible. Telephone inquiries will be accommodated in a pleasant and helpful manner. Immediate, concise information will be provided whenever possible. If such information is not immediately available, you will be informed when you can expect to receive it.

Technical Assistance

We will respond promptly to requests for assistance or advice on federal historic preservation programs and related matters. We will provide appropriate referrals to other sources of information, if the request falls outside the ACHP's purview or we are otherwise unable to address it.

Comments, Suggestions, Complaints, and Resolution

Specific complaints, comments, or suggestions about ACHP operations or services should be directed to the appropriate office.

  • Project or Program Review: Director, Office of Federal Agency Programs, (202) 517-0228
  • Communications, Education, and Outreach Director, (202) 517-1480
  • Legal issues or questions not connected with a specific project: Assistant General Counsel, (202) 517-0192

All other inquiries should be directed to the Office of the Executive Director at (202) 517-0200.

Your comments will be noted, and you will be informed of remedial action within 10 working days. If you are dissatisfied with the resolution, you may write or call the ACHP's executive director.

How to Contact the ACHP

We are interested in receiving your views on how we conduct business and your suggestions for improvement. Please contact us at achp@achp.gov, or write or call:

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
401 F Street NW, Suite 308
Washington, DC 20001-2637
Phone: (202) 517-0200
Fax: (202) 517-6381