The Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA's) official policy for management of cultural resources and compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) is established in VA Directive 7545: Cultural Resource Management, which is implemented in accordance with VA Handbook 7545: Cultural Resource Management Procedures. The handbook requires the designation of Cultural Resource Management Officers (CRMOs) at the regional level and encourages Medical Center Directors to appoint cultural resource managers. Many VA facilities also develop and implement Historic Preservation Plans to assist in the management of their historic properties.

VA Historic Preservation Office (HPO)
VA's HPO keeps information about VA's programs to comply with federal preservation requirements.

VA Cultural Resources Management Checklist
A checklist to aid compliance with the federal laws, rules, and regulations designed to protect cultural resources.

VA's Office of Tribal Government Relations (OTGR)
OTGR works to strengthen relations between VA, tribal governments, and others to serve veterans across Indian Country. 

VA Tribal Consultation Policy
A policy to enhance the relationship of cooperation, coordination, open communication, good will; to work in good faith to amicably and fairly resolve issues/differences; and to continue to pursue mutually agreeable objectives successfully.

VA Handbook 8603: Consultation and Communication with Federally-Recognized Indian Tribes
Establishes VA procedures for consulting and communicating with federally-recognized Indian tribes.

VA History Office (VAHO)
VA's History Office provides material documenting the history of the unique relationship between America and its veterans.