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ACHP Staff Directory

401 F Street NW, Suite 308
Washington DC 20001-2637

Phone: (202) 517-0200
Fax: (202) 517-6381
Web site:
Twitter: @usachp
Instagram: usachp
Facebook: Preservation - The Next Generation
, ACHP-Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and Preservation Indigenous-Native Youth

Office of the Executive Director
John M. Fowler, executive director 202-517-0200

Office of General Counself
Javier Marques, general counsel 202-517-0192
Kelly Fanizzo, associate general counsel 202-517-0193
Ana Velilla-Arce, government information specialist (FOIA) 202-517-0196

Office of Administration
Ismail D. Ahmed, senior accountant 202-517-0204
Tanya DeVonish, meeting and event manager 202-517-1205
Kiani Morris, administrative assistant 202-517-0203
Denise Stanley, administrative assistant 202-517-0201

Office of Information Technology
Rezaur Rahman, chief information officer 202-517-0197
Brenda K. Bolden, IT specialist 202-517-0199
Paul Nguyen, IT specialist 202-517-0198

Office of Native American Affairs
Valerie Hauser, director 202-517-0194
William Dancing Feather, Native American Program Analyst 202-517-0195
Ira Matt, Senior Policy Analyst 202-517-1481

Office of Communications, Education, and Outreach
Susan Glimcher, director 202-517-1480
Patricia Knoll, program assistant 202-517-1483
Lynne Richmond, communications and public affairs specialist 202-517-1484
Shayla Shrieves, senior writer-editor 202-517-1482

Office of Preservation Initiatives
Ronald D. Anzalone, director 202-517-1486
Druscilla J. Null, senior program analyst 202-517-1487
Judith E. Rodenstein, preservation program specialist 202-517-1488

Office of Federal Agency Programs
Phone: 202-517-0200
Fax: 202-517-6385
Reid Nelson, director 202-517-0228
Katry Harris, training specialist 202-517-0213
LaShavio Johnson, historic preservation technician 202-517-0215
Blythe Semmer, senior program analyst 202-517-0226
Artisha Thompson, historic preservation technician 202-517-0227
Odette Williams, administrative assistant 202-517-0228

Federal Permitting, Licensing, and Assistance Section
Charlene Dwin Vaughn, assistant director 202-517-0207
Kristen Bastis, program analyst/NRCS Liaison 202-517-0214
John Eddins, program analyst 202-517-0211
Jaime Loichinger, program analyst 202-517-0219
Anthony Guy Lopez, historic preservation specialist 202-517-0220
Sarah Stokely, program analyst 202-517-0224
VACANT, program analyst/NRC Liaison

Federal Property Management Section
Thomas McCulloch, assistant director 202-517-0222
Kirsten Brinker Kulis, program analyst/GSA liaison 202-517-0217
Nancy J. Brown, program analyst/BLM liaison 202-517-0209
Christopher Daniel, program analyst 202-517-0223
Najah Gabriel, historic preservation specialist 202-517-0210
Katharine R. Kerr, program analyst 202-517-0216
Angela McArdle, program analyst/VA Liaison 202-517-0221
Christopher Wilson, program analyst 202-517-0229


Updated June 6, 2018

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