Updated Federal Training Course on Working Effectively with Tribal Governments Now Available


Working Effectively with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Governments, an online training course to provide all users with a better understanding and greater knowledge of Native American issues, is now available.

The course was initially developed by the Interagency Indian Affairs Executive Working Group and released in January 2008, as a White House E-Government and Technologies Initiative, with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). This updated program and 2022 launch is being presented by a working group consisting of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Office of Native American Affairs, the Department of Justice’s National Indian Country Training Initiative, and the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Justice Services, and with hosting and delivery support provided by the OPM USALearning program office.

The course is an introduction to the myriad complexities and vast cultural aspects of Tribal people and their governments. With more than 570 federally-recognized Indian Tribes in the United States, this online program is intended to provide a general overview of Tribal governments and has been developed to provide federal employees and other interested parties with some basic knowledge they can use to work more effectively with American Indian and Alaska Native governments.

Working Effectively with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal Governments is available at: https://tribal.USALearning.net and is free of charge. It will take between one and four hours to complete the course.