If you would like to learn more about the process which was used to apply for existing designations, explore the links below. 

Preserve America Communities

There are three types of applications for use by different kinds of communities:

Community Application

Municipalities or counties with an elected governing official, or unincorporated communities within their jurisdiction

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Neighborhood Application

Distinct neighborhoods within large cities or city-counties with a population of 200,000 or greater.

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Tribal Application

Tribal communities (federally recognized) with an elected governing official or subdivisions of such tribes.

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Streamlined Process for Certified Local Governments

Certified Local Governments (CLGs) applying for Preserve America Community designation and have an expedited process to do so.

READ MORE ABOUT Streamlined Process for Certified Local Governments


Preserve America Stewards

Non-profit organizations, government entities (federal, state, local, or tribal), and businesses are eligible to seek designation for their programs. 

Steward Application

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Apply for the special designation of becoming a recognized Preserve America Community or Preserve America Steward.