The Assistant Director is a permanent, management level position within the Excepted Service (Grade 14 or GG14) that supervises six professional staff positions within the Federal Permitting, Licensing, and Assistance Section of the ACHP's Office of Federal Agency Programs. The Assistant Director is responsible for overseeing consultation with federal agencies that issue permits or licenses, or provide financial assistance to improve their historic preservation programs and to ensure diverse stakeholders fully participate in the review of federal undertakings under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).  In addition, the Assistant Director ensures that policy, program, and compliance issues relating to federal permitting, licensing, and assistance actions are identified and addressed in a manner that allows agencies to meet the broad goals established for them under the NHPA. Applications for the Assistant Director position will be accepted through November 27, 2018. For more information about this position, please contact Reid Nelson at (202) 517-0200 or via e-mail at