The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), Office of General Counsel, in Washington, DC, is recruiting a Government Information Specialist (GG-11). 

The major duties of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Communicate with those making FOIA requests as needed to acknowledge receipt of their requests, keep them updated regarding the status of a response, and clarify any aspects of their requests;
2. Make preliminary determinations as to the applicability of FOIA exceptions for such records, for final review by the General Counsel or Associate General Counsel;
3. Propose redactions to responsive records that are needed to accommodate applicable exceptions;
4. Draft/issue FOIA response letters and coordinate with FOIA officials from other agencies regarding responsive records common to the ACHP and those agencies;
5. Manage and implement the agency's record schedules and provide records management training for staff and draft reports to the National Archives and Records Administration;
6. Assist office directors with the preparation of documents needed in the hiring, performance appraisal, and related processing in the personnel and payroll system including using the web-based personnel and payroll system to process actions such as current employee promotions, awards, and changes in work schedules, salaries, and benefits; and
7. Assist in preparation for litigation involving the ACHP by, among other things, compiling, organizing, copying, and indexing the relevant administrative record for the ACHP.

The posting is open until September 24, 2021.