Hon. Leonard Forsman
Term of Office:
Suquamish, Washington
General Public

Leonard Forsman has served as Tribal Chairman of the Suquamish Tribe since 2005. His passions include tribal education, cultural preservation, gaming policy, and habitat protection. He has served on Tribal Council for a total of 22 years and formerly was the director of the Suquamish Museum. Forsman is a graduate of the University of Washington (B.A. Anthropology) and Goucher College (M.A. Historic Preservation). Forsman grew up in Suquamish on the Port Madison Indian Reservation and continues to live there with his wife Jana Rice. He regularly participates in cultural activities including Suquamish Song & Dance and the annual Canoe Journey.

He serves on the board of the Washington State Historical Society, the Suquamish Museum, the Suquamish Foundation, the Washington Indian Gaming Association, the Washington State Committee of Geographic Names, and the Tribal Leaders Congress on Education.