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In August 2004, the ACHP members reviewed a list of existing nationwide Programmatic Agreements (PAs) and directed ACHP staff to analyze any inconsistencies between the existing PAs and the current Section 106 process and determine what actions by the ACHP may be necessary. As a result of the staff assessment, several PAs that had been executed between the late 1970s and early 1990s were found to have expired, or had been superseded, and therefore were no longer in effect. The ACHP has notified each Federal agency with expired or superseded PAs of our findings.

The list (below), Nationwide Programmatic Agreements In Effect as of March 2006, represents the remaining PAs, some of which were executed prior to revisions to the ACHP regulations that went into effect June 17, 1999. This list does not present any position on whether the pre-June 17, 1999 PAs still in effect are or are not consistent with the current Section 106 regulations. It is the intention of the ACHP to maintain this list as an online resource. We believe the list to be correct and complete; however, we welcome any assistance if you are aware of any information that should be added or changed on the list.

List of Programmatic Agreements

Updated March 15, 2014

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