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ACHP Invites Input on Ideas to Improve the National Historic Preservation Program

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) wants to hear from you on the future of the national historic preservation program. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the ACHP is preparing recommendations for strengthening the program that the Act created. The successes are many, but so are the opportunities to meet the changing needs of preservation in the U.S.

Earlier this year, the ACHP posted an initial statement on the challenges and opportunities facing the national program today. Based on public and stakeholder input, that statement was revised, and a call went out for ways to address the issues. The ACHP membership reviewed and expanded the suggestions submitted and now puts forth a collection of ideas that could form the basis of specific recommendations for improving national preservation laws, policies, programs, and procedures.

The ideas are set forth here. You will find an introduction and background on the national historic preservation program, a brief assessment of its current state, and a collection of ideas for future action. The ideas are grouped under three major themes: Engaging all Americans in the Program; Enhancing and Sustaining the Program; and Improving the Program’s Effectiveness. Ideas for action range from the general to the fairly specific.

The next step is to get your input. The ACHP wants to know:

  • Which ideas do you think are good, and which are not worth further development?
  • What are the highest priority items?
  • What needs immediate attention, and what might be a long-term goal?
  • How might a particular idea be implemented?
  • What is missing?

The ACHP values your input as it develops a series of formal policy recommendations that will be presented to the incoming Administration and Congress. Please send your thoughts, the more specific the better, to by the close of business on Monday, October 17, 2016.

We encourage you to share this request for input widely with organization members, colleagues, and other interested parties. Watch the ACHP website ( for further developments on this important initiative.