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Native American Traditional Cultural Landscapes

In recognition that large scale historic properties of significance to Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations (NHOs) across the United States are increasingly threatened by development, the ACHP launched a Native American traditional cultural landscapes initiative and adopted an action plan in November 2011. The plan calls for the ACHP and the Department of the Interior (DOI) to:

  • Promote the recognition and protection of Native American traditional cultural landscapes both within the federal government and the historic preservation community as well as at the state and local levels and 
  • Address the challenges of the consideration of Native American traditional cultural landscapes in the Section 106 review process as well as in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews

Vaughn Haleakala Summit

Implementation of the action plan is a long-term commitment of the ACHP. This Web page will serve as a repository for ACHP documents, resources about Native American traditional cultural landscapes, and related news. We suggest that you check here periodically.

ACHP’s Native American Traditional Cultural Landscape Work

The ACHP has taken a number of steps to advance the recognition of these historic properties and to address some of the Section 106 challenges:

Cave RockThe ACHP has also offered presentations at numerous meetings and conferences to raise awareness about these landscapes in general and to let Section 106 practitioners know they should be considering them in the Section 106 review process.

The National Register is currently considering updates to Bulletin 38: Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Traditional Cultural Properties which is closely related to the ACHP’s work on traditional cultural landscapes. We are working together to share information and outreach opportunities. For more information on the National Register’s efforts, click here.

Bulletin 38: Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Traditional Cultural Properties

Finally, the ACHP has established a staff team to implement the Action Plan. The team includes Valerie Hauser and Bill Dancing Feather from the Office of Native American Affairs, and Nancy Brown and Carol Legard from the Office of Federal Agency Programs. While the Office of Native American Affairs has primary responsibility for the Action Plan, questions and information may be directed to any of the staff team members. Nancy, a landscape architect, is the ACHP’s staff expert on landscapes in general. For staff contact information, click here.

Cultural Landscape Resources

The ACHP will provide links to or copies of documents and information related to Native American traditional cultural landscapes. Please check back regularly to see what has been added.


Last updated on October 11, 2016

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