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Federal Funds for the National Historic Preservation Program

Historic Preservation Fund Grants-In-Aid for State, Tribal, and Local
      Government Programs

Funds for National Park Service Preservation Programs
Funds for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Fund Grants-in-Aid for State, Tribal, and Local Government Programs
Federal Agency: National Park Service
Recipients: State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices (with subgrants to Certified Local Governments)

The Federal Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), which is derived from Outer Continental Shelf oil lease revenues, was created by the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) as a source of Federal grant funds to encourage non-Federal investment in historic preservation.

Administered by the National Park Service (NPS), the HPF is the source of program funds that are dispersed as grants-in-aid to State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) and to Tribal Historic Preservation Offices (THPOs) that have formally assumed SHPO responsibilities.

At least 10 percent of each State's allocation must be subgranted to Certified Local Governments (CLGs), those local governments whose preservation programs have been endorsed by the State and NPS as meeting certain criteria. (For more information on the CLG program, visit

To receive HPF program grants, States and Indian tribes must have preservation programs that are approved by NPS. (Tribes can receive HPF Tribal Project Grants without approval of their preservation programs.)

Such programs must be consistent with statutory responsibilities set forth in the NHPA addressing identification of historic properties, comprehensive preservation planning, consultation on the effects of Federal projects, and provision of education, training, and technical assistance.

States receive funds based on an allocation formula and must provide a two third match (60 percent Federal/40 percent non-Federal) from non-Federal sources. State governments provide the largest percentage of this non-Federal match (79 percent in FY 2003). Tribal program grants are awarded competitively, but do not require a match.

In FY 2008, $39.376 million of the HPF program grant money has been allocated to SHPOs and $6.399 million to THPOs.

Funds for National Park Service Preservation Programs

In addition to managing the HPF, NPS also provides support to the national preservation program by maintaining a national inventory of historic properties, setting standards for historic preservation, and providing technical preservation assistance.

Often called "external programs" because they serve needs outside of the National Park System, key program areas are: the National Register of Historic Places; the National Historic Landmarks Program; the Archeology and Ethnography Program; Heritage Preservation Services (including historic preservation tax credit certification); the Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record; the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training; and the National Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Program.

Through these programs, the Federal Government assists, reviews, and coordinates the work of other Federal agencies and non-Federal partners in identifying and protecting historic properties. The NPS external programs are funded through Congressional appropriation for Cultural Programs in the NPS National Recreation and Preservation account. In FY 2008, Cultural Programs received an estimated $21.403 million.

Funds for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Complementing the role of NPS, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) is charged with advising the President and Congress on historic preservation matters and promoting historic preservation.

ACHP assists Federal agencies in meeting their preservation responsibilities, and, through its administration of Section 106 of NHPA, works to ensure that non-Federal parties have an effective opportunity to participate in Federal project planning that might impact historic properties.

The ACHP's FY 2008 appropriation is $5.348 million. Currently, none of this funding is available for grants-in-aid.

Updated May 16, 2008

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