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FHWA Statewide Programmatic Agreements

The use of statewide Section 106 Programmatic Agreements (PAs) can save a state transportation agency significant time and money in completing the review of common and non-controversial FHWA projects. As part of FHWA’s Every Day Counts initiative, many FHWA state  Divisions and state transportation agencies have developed and are currently enjoying the benefits of PAs in their states or are actively working with their State Historic Preservation Officers (SHPOs) and the ACHP to develop PAs or update existing ones.

If your state or division does not have a PA, the ACHP recommends utilizing the Template FHWA PA found below. The Template PA provides a framework for developing agreements to improve and expedite Section 106 compliance for Federal-Aid undertakings which may affect historic properties. The template consists of sample language based on best practices from existing PAs and can be tailored to each individual state based on needs.

In addition, the ACHP has also created a checklist for developing a PA and have provided several example PAs that demonstrate how FHWA Divisions have expedited Section 106 review without compromising the protection of important historic properties. A list of the FHWA Statewide PAs currently in effect is also provided through the link below. 

Guidance on Statewide PAs
Template FHWA PA
ACHP Checklist for Statewide PAs
List of FHWA Statewide PAs currently in effect

Recently Executed Statewide PAs:
California - Caltrans Statewide PA Amended
Delaware - PA streamlining review of  minor projects
Georgia - PA for Emergency Relief Projects
Illinois - PA for the Treatment of Euro-American Archaeological Sites in Illinois
Kentucky - PA for Routine Roadway and Bridge Projects in Kentucky
Louisiana – Historic Bridges
Maryland - PA for Historic Highway Bridges
Missouri- Statewide PA for Phased Identification of Archaeological Properties
Montana - PA for the Treatment of Abandoned Railroad Grades

Utah - Amended PA for Federal-Aid Projects

West Virginia – Statewide Federal-Aid Highway Programmatic Agreement

Updated March 1, 2016

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