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FHWA Sample Statewide Programmatic Agreements

FHWA Statewide Programmatic Agreements

Example Agreements

Washington State

This PA, amended in 2012, is a good example for states that need a PA that spell out the delegation of responsibility to the state DOT and to exempt from SHPO review actions with little potential to effect historic properties. It also includes a good section on consultation with Indian tribes.

Another Programmatic Agreement was signed in early 2013 for FHWA funded projects on National Forest System Lands. It spells out the delegation of tasks to the state DOT, exempts certain activities from review, and details how project review will be coordinated with the Forest Service.

Utah State

This agreement is very well written and closely follows the requirements of the ACHP’s regulations at 36 CFR 800.3-800.6, except for (1) the elimination of case-by-case SHPO review for undertakings having no effect to historic properties and (2) delegation of authority (except for tribal consultation) to the UDOT. It was amended in June 2013.

Maryland State

This PA is recommended as a model for other states seeking to streamline review and more effectively manage the most significant bridges under their jurisdiction. Based on an updated historic bridge inventory, the PA organizes state-owned National Register-eligible and listed bridges into three management categories.


Updated December 13, 2013

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