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General Studies on the Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation

Measuring Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation: A Report to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation by PlaceEconomics (2013, second edition)
Commissioned by the ACHP, with funding assistance from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, this 73-page report identifies and analyzes methods for measuring the economic impacts of historic preservation. The report focuses on such economic indicators as jobs and household income, property values, heritage tourism, sustainable development, and downtown revitalization, and recommends ways to improve our understanding of how preservation activity supports economic vitality.

Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage (2002)
A 120-page report that includes a discussion of economic value. Key chapter/section titles:
"Assessing Values in Conservation Planning: Methodological Issues and Choices"; "Anthropological-Ethnographic Methods for the Assessment of Cultural Values in Heritage Conservation"; "Economic Valuation of Cultural Heritage: Evidence and Prospects"; "Numbness and Sensitivity in the Elicitation of Environmental Values"; "Cultural Capital and Sustainability Concepts in the Economics of Cultural Heritage"

The Contributions of Historic Preservation to Housing and Economic Development(1998)
A 48-page study. Key chapter/section titles:
"Historical Overview of Historic Preservation Programs and Activities in the United States"; "Historic Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of the Existing Stock"; "Historic Preservation and Housing Production"; "Historic Preservation and Heritage Tourism"; "Historic Preservation and Downtown Revitalization"; "The Contributions of Historic Preservation to Housing and Economic Development: Multiplier Effects"; "Cautionary Considerations Regarding the Relationship Between Historic Preservation and Housing and Economic Development"

Economics and Historic Preservation: A Guide and Review of the Literature(2005)
A 67-page report. Key section titles include: “Economics and Preservation: Review and Results from the Literature”; “Methods Used to Understand the Value of Preservation”; “Future Research Directions.” There are an annotated bibliography and reference list.

Measuring the Economic Impact of Federal Historic Properties (2005)
This 45-page report discusses: the difficulties in measuring the economic impact of preservation; an economic impact analytical framework for federal property managers; and the potential positive impacts of federal historic preservation activities.

Values and Heritage Conservation (2000)
A 96-page report that includes discussion of economic value. Key chapter/section titles:
"Stewarding the Past in a Perplexing Present"; "Economic and Cultural Value in the Work of Creative Artists"; "Cultural Heritage and Globalization"; "Cultural Heritage, Liberal Education, and Human Flourishing"; "Cultural Fusion"; "Preserving the Historic Urban Fabric in a Context of Fast-Paced Change"; "The Making of Cultural Heritage"; "Challenges for Heritage Conservation and the Role of Research on Values"

More Studies:

Posted July 10, 2014

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