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Impacts of Historic Property and District Designation

Benefits of Residential Historic District Designation for Property Owners  (2007)
This seven-page article is by the Historic Preservation Officer of Tucson, Arizona.

Economic Effect of National Register Listing (1994)
A two-page summary.

The (Economic) Value of National Register Listing(2002)
A two-page summary.

Connecticut Local Historic Districts and Property Values(2011)
This 26-page, illustrated report examines the relationship between property values and local historic districts in four Connecticut communities.

Cover: Historic Districts Are Good For your PocketbookHistoric Districts Are Good for Your Pocketbook: The Impacts of Local Historic Districts on House Prices in South Carolina(2000)
An 11-page, illustrated study. Key chapter/section titles:
"Study Results: Columbia"; "Study Results: Beaufort"; "Study Results: Greenville"; "Study Results: Aiken, Anderson, Georgetown, Rock Hill, Summerville, and Sumter"

Historic Preservation and Residential Property Values: An Analysis of Texas Cities (2000)
A 15-page study. Key chapter/section titles:
"Empirical Studies of Historic Designation and Property Values"; "Data"; "Modeling Approach"; "Empirical Results"

The Impact of Historic Districts on Residential Property Values[New York City] (2003)
A 10-page report. Key chapter/section titles:
"The Data"; "Overall Trends in Class One Housing Prices in New York City"; "Statistical Models of Housing Prices"; "Model I: Dummy Variable for Inclusion in Historic Districts"; "Model II: Time Trend Variables."

More Studies:

Posted July 10, 2014

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