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Community Revitalization Policy Statement Comment Period Now Open

The ACHP's draft Policy Statement on Historic Preservation and Community Revitalization has gone public for a 30-day review and comment period. The public has until April 8, 2016, to submit comments to

After council member review, the Policy Statement was revised, and now the ACHP published the Policy Statement in the Federal Register, requesting that the public review the document and address the following questions in any comments they might provide to the ACHP:

  1. How can the principles in the draft Policy Statement help communities balance the goal of historic preservation and the revitalization of neighborhoods and communities?
  2. How will the principles in the draft Policy Statement establish a framework for decision making when communities receive federal funding to assist distressed neighborhoods?
  3. How will State Historic Preservation Officers and Certified Local Governments apply the principles in their review of local revitalization programs?
  4. Will the draft Policy Statement assist federal, state, and local officials; developers; residents; and other stakeholders to explore alternatives for preserving historic properties in planning revitalization projects?
  5. How can the adoption of creative mitigation measures help a community to preserve its historic properties?
  6. What form of guidance will be needed to implement the principles in this draft Policy Statement?
  7. Are there any other major obstacles to using historic preservation tools in community revitalization projects that have not been addressed in this draft Policy Statement?

Upon receipt of the public comments, the Policy Statement will be adjusted as necessary and appropriate to address public comment. The final Policy Statement will be submitted to the ACHP members for approval through an unassembled meeting following any revisions.

Updated April 5, 2016

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