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Fall 2000


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California: Disposal and Demolition of Long Beach Naval Station
(Closed case follow-up)

Agency: U. S. Navy
After a prolonged and difficult consultation process, in February 1998, the Council executed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) accepting the proposed demolition of the Long Beach Naval Station—including the Roosevelt Historic District—in conjunction with the facilityís transfer out of Navy ownership.

Long Beach Naval Station

Long Beach Naval Station, CA

The district has been demolished, and the Hanjin Shipping Company of South Korea recently signed a letter of intent to lease a 375-acre container terminal being built on the site. All mitigation called for in the MOA has been completed, including recordation of the complex to the standards of the Historic American Buildings Survey; and placement of architectural drawings, photographs, and a short illustrative history of the complex in the libraryís collections at California State University, Long Beach.

Other requirements of the MOA have also been accomplished, including development of an exhibit of the districtís history; construction of an easily portable three-dimensional model; preparation of a documentary video; salvage of architectural and landscape elements; and endowment of the Long Beach Heritage Fund with $4.5 million.

The Long Beach Navy Memorial Heritage Association has been incorporated as a nonprofit public benefit corporation to administer the fund and provide grants for the preservation of historic resources in Long Beach. The initial round of grants is expected soon.

Staff contact: Lee Keatinge

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