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Archive of Prominent Section 106 Cases:
March 2000


Criteria for

Grand Canyon

California: Gold Mine
(Imperial County)

California: Marine
Corps Air Station

Florida: Rowland Subdivision

Georgia: Fort Benning/City of Columbus

Pearl Harbor

Kansas: Eisenhower Medical Center

New Jersey: Textile Printing Site


Virginia-Maryland: Woodrow Wilson Bridge

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Archive of Prominent Section 106 Cases:
March 2000

Application of the Council's
Criteria for Involvement

Under the Councilís regulations, the Council may enter the Section 106 process when it determines that its involvement is necessary to ensure that the purposes of Section 106 and the National Historic Preservation Act are met. Its decision to do so must be guided by specific criteria that are set forth in Appendix A of the regulations. The Council is likely to enter the Section 106 process when an undertaking:
  • has substantial impacts on important historic properties
    (Criterion 1);
  • presents important questions of policy or interpretation
    (Criterion 2);
  • has the potential for presenting procedural problems
    (Criterion 3); and/or
  • presents issues of concern to Indian tribes or Native Hawaiian organizations (Criterion 4).

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